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Less common to the western world, but solidified nest of aerodramus fuchiphagus (solinest) is considered as a great delicacy and effective medicine as well as beauty enhancer within the Chinese community throughout the world. The soup is made by soaking and steaming the nests in water. When cooked, the nests have a gelatinous texture.

Solinest has been used for centuries whether as a tonic or a health food. Consuming solinest regularly can give a person exuberant physical and mental strength as well as to restore one youthfulness. The tonic power of solinest is believed to improve skin complexion and to slow the aging effect. In Chinese cuisine, high medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities are ascribed to solinest. Scientific investigations reveal solinest to be high in protein. Many consumers of solinest soup report significant improvement in appetite.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), solinest is believed to offer good effect for creating consumptive diseases, curing tuberculosis, dry coughs, suppressing cough and phlegm-dyspnea (difficult breathing), alleviating asthma, hemoptysis (coughing blood), improving the voice, asthenia, stomach ulcer, relieving gastric troubles, and general weakness of bronchial ailments. It is also traditionally used to nourish the kidneys, lungs heart and stomach to aid renal functions, raise libido, strengthen the immune system, promote growth, enhance the immune system, improve concentration, increase energy and metabolism, and regulate circulation.


Although solinest has been traditionally prescribed to cure certain diseases for many generations, the actual characteristics and properties of solinest has not been thoroughly studied. Its usage and benefits are mainly based on historical, anecdotal and observational reports.

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