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How do I place an order ?


Customer can order through our Whatsapp Business account +60102607686.

How do I pay?


We accept payment through direct bank transfer. Payment is due once we confirm that your order is ready for hydrolysis.

Can I get a refund?


Yes, you can cancel your order before its scheduled delivery time to get a refund. If, upon delivery, your package is found to be damaged or tampered with, please let us know, and we will issue you a refund. Please allow one week for processing.


When will I receive my Säräng Peptide?

Once hydrolyzed, Säräng Peptide will be at your door within 48 hours guaranteed. 

How do you deliver ?


We usually do our own deliveries. However, in the event of high volumes, we will partner with a professional courier service that we have thoroughly researched to ensure the highest quality of service.


Where do you deliver ?


We prefer to deliver to an office address so that our package is always accepted by a live human being. Plus, it is more efficient in terms of logistical arrangements. However, we are happy to discuss alternative delivery arrangements.

What happen if I do not receive my order on time ?


Please notify us immediately if this happens. We will work with you to resolve the situation and schedule a new delivery time. In the event that you are no longer interested in arranging a new delivery time, we will refund your payment with no questions asked.


How much Säräng Peptide do I take, and when do I take it ?


Säräng Peptide is designed to be a health supplement, and we usually recommend taking approximately 25ml one to two times a day. Säräng Peptide is best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to supplement the needed amino acids for the day and/or before bedtime for replenishment purposes. Although there are no side effects to taking too much Säräng Peptide, it is unnecessary to take more than the needed dosage, since the human body cannot store amino acids.


Is Säräng Peptide for everyone?


Absolutely yes! Peptides are natural micronutrients with significant benefits to people of all ages without side effects. It is scientifically known that peptides are critical in supporting hair growth, maintaining cartilage in joints (treating arthritis), and improving circulation, male fertility and immunity, in addition to many other benefits. Depending on each individual’s health profile, the benefits of Säräng Peptide will vary from person to person.


Is this a health product for taking long term ?


Because human body does not store peptides for future use, it needs to be replenished regularly with the right amount. As a natural and organic health product, it is intended to act as long-term peptides supplements.

Can it be used as a complete protein replacement? (for example, vegetarians)


Theoretically...yes, although vegetables and fruits also contain protein.

Is only water used in the hydrolysis process?


101% yes, Säräng Peptide only use water as medium. The technology breakthrough is in the mastery of the reaction of protein to the dynamic of temperature and time exposure, manipulated though water.

Can you tell me more about your water source?


Currently we use distilled water from reputable sources. We are thinking to use alkalized water or mineral water.... and our idea is to use the best water source that is available locally. This is the rationale behind 'Locallly Produced Fresh'.

How is your process different from the other companies?


Instant edible birdnest products available in the market are manufactured using traditional double-boiling method. The process first mass double-boiled the material, then transfer and fill the cooked edible bird-nest into bottles. Good sterilization is at stake.


Säräng Peptide patented protein hydrolysis technology take another approach, the protein source is hydrolyzed individually in its individual jar. Therefore, there is no bottle filling process after the protein source is hydrolyzed, avoiding possible contamination during filling process. This is another breakthrough of Säräng Peptide protein hydrolysis technology, performing protein hydrolysis, sterilization and vacuum sealed in one single step.


Lastly, existing instant edible birdnest in the market either is cooked with rock sugars or without rock sugars (for no-sugar version). Nothing like Säräng Peptide that uses organic plants as the hydrobase for sugar free formula.

As regarding peptides and amino acid supplements, they are commonly marketed for specific type of peptides or amino acids, not in a full set of 18 amino acids. This primarily due to the complex non-organic extraction or chemical elimination process that have been deployed to produce the supplements. Again we are proudly  backed by our simple and organic protein hydrolysis technology in delivering the bio-peptides, both naturally and freshly.

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